Monday, May 28, 2007

One Final Kiss Before Summer

I slept through a lot of Senior Week, but some observant souls caught some true gems as the school year ended.

Overheard at BC would like to extend a hearty hello to the Brighton SVU squad!

Bro #1: Dude you were pretty fucked up last night.
bro #2: Yeah I know man, I feel kind of bad...I guess I kind of just raped her, I dunno.

Overheard by Kerns, Upper Stairs

... and a hearty hello to the Brighton Vice squad!

Bro #1 (30 pack of busch light under his foot, beer in hand, drunk already): Yo man I was so fucked up on halloween.
Bro #2: Oh god man I know it was crazy.
Bro #1: yeah dude so I went to the bathroom and this girl was passed out in the bath tub, so naturally I pissed all over her!.
bro #2: For real man? Oh shit!
(high five)

Overheard by Kerns, the Comm Ave Bus

Semper Fi soldier, Semper Fi...

Bro-dog #1: You and I are a team.
Bro-dog #2: Was there any doubt?
Bro-dog #1 stops suddenly and grabs the other guy, holding him by the shoulders while looking him directly in the eyes: Go Eagles.

Overheard by Megan, the Mods

See you in September!

Friday, May 18, 2007

And We're Off

End of the year folks. It's raining as I write this which, while sucking a giant tool, I will still refer to as "strangely appropriate." Even if it isn't appropriate, at all.

We've learned a lot this year; we've learned... well, actually I'm not so sure we've learned anything. Hmm, well, whatever. It's the end of the year, the Busch Light is lukewarm, and the line at Mary Ann's is just starting to go out the door despite the fact that impoverished Sudanese refugees would find the place repugnant.

Just two updates for you today. Keep your eyes peeled though as there may be a super special Senior Week edition here on Monday. We'll be back in September listening in on your conversations and laughing about them here. In the meantime, it's off to summer on my yacht, as I sail from here to the Lesser Antilles to indulge in my favorite whim: jungle fever. Tally Ho!

Dude! With all that pussy your going to need a PussyMobile!

Plaid shorts guy: Dude, I have two words for you: senior week.
Yellow polo shirt guy: Don't even get me started, man.
Plaid shorts guy: I swear to you, I am going to fuck at least seven chicks.
Yellow polo shirt guy: Hey ! That's a pussy for every day of the week!

Overheard by Megan on the Comm Ave bus.

As opposed to burning it for sport I guess.

Bro 1- Dude, they wouldn't buy my book back!
Bro 2- Aww dude, well I guess you could donate it to the Ethiopians...
Bro 1- Yeah, but even they probably wont want it, it sucks so much
Bro 2- Yeah, they'll probably just burn it....for fuel...

Overheard by Sean in the Book Buy-Back line.

Friday, May 11, 2007

F)^& You Finals

The quality and quantity of our updates seems to be directly proportional to whether or not exams are happening. Be that as it may, Overheard at BC is still out there fighting the good fight.

You know, the Spice Girls never cluttered up their thinking regarding wannabe's. For them, you just had to get with their friends.
Girl to girlfriends: I mean I want to be, but I'm not a wannabe...

Overheard by Ryan, the Sanctuary of Knowledge (McElroy)

Socrates would be so proud.
Girl 1: Yeah, it just, like, completely compromises the legitimacy of the exam.
Girl 2: Yeah.
Girl 1: Like, if you're going to test someone on philosophy, you can't test them on facts.

Overheard by Stephanie, Eagles Nest

Friday, May 4, 2007


So classes are officially done, but the idiocy continues! A big effing update this week, we hope you like it.

Honey, I don't think this is how genetics work.
Young looking white girl to friend: "Although, I've always wanted to date a black man, because I really want a little black baby."

- Overheard by Court in Hillside

She was home-schooled.
Guy: "Yeah so this weekend, he's gonna try to like, go all the way with her."
Girl: "What do you mean?"
Guy: "Ya know, take it to home base... Ya know, a home run, see what I'm getting at?"
Girl: "I just don't understand what you're getting at here."

- Overheard by Will in Hillside

Fellatio Disbelief!
Excited Guy: "So she swallows??"
Fellated Guy: "Yeah!!"
Excited Guy: "Without gagging??"
Fellated Guy: "Yeah!"

- Overheard by Will in the Dustbowl

Suddenly ethics strike
Girl walks by, guy attempts to grab her ass but misses and stumbles. Girl is oblivious.
Guy: "Dammit, missed. Shes got a boyfriend though, I can't do that."

- Overheard by Court at Off Campus Party

The second part of this submission is like a tasteless bumper sticker you see and chuckle at.
Girl to her friend: Is there something about me that makes
people want to make fun of me?

Later that night, drunk dude walking by the study lounge: Asians!
Stop studying!

--Overheard by "Doesn't judge because she was also in the study lounge"