Saturday, February 16, 2008

Deal Or No Deal...

Four for this week kids. I'd write more but I'm tired. Even genius needs a rest every now and again.

It's the only way to get your clothes to that all important groin temperature.

Guy: Dude, seriously. Why don't you just grow a pair and stuff them down your pants, like every other guy?

Overheard at McElroy by Catherine

Anything over thirty and you're paying way too much then.

Girl: ...I mean, thirty dollars? I could, like, get drunk and have sex for that!

Overheard by Caitie in front of Hillside

Next week, on Foxy Boxing!

(Two Freshman girls wearing flat suede boots walking from MacElroy to Upper)
Girl 1: I am such a good fighter.
Girl 2: Really?
Girl 1: Yeah. I mean, I haven't really gotten in a big fight here yet, but-
Girl 2: Well, you haven't been here long enough. You haven't gotten to know people that well.
Girl 1: Right. But I just need ONE person to do something...

Overheard by Rory

Except for Sundays, obviously.

Guy 1: Yeah, I haven't had it in a while.
Guy 2: Really?
Guy 1: Well I gave it up for Lent.
Guy 2: Ohh.
Guy 1: And then of course before that, for the drug test.

- Overheard by Jill in the Dustbowl

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The End is Near... Nah I'm Just Playin' BC

A bit of a slow start here at Overheard at BC. I sincerely doubt you all got the gift of eloquence for Christmas this year and stopped saying funny crap folks, so send in stuff. Do I need to remind you about the puppy?

Proceeds would go to the Arrupe trip to Honduras.

guy 1: dude, sometimes i just wish i could go to the top of the crane
guy 2: yeah
guy 1: it would be the best view of this place
guy 2: they should, like, raffle off one bungee jump from the top of the crane
guy 1: that would be awesome

overheard by Lauren, the Quad

This person's mom is actually a twelve year old boy. Funny how biology works sometimes.

Girl: Well, sometimes my mom farts in my face.

Overheard by Nick, McElroy

I mean, this is just commonsense!

Boy to very intoxicated girl: "Look, I'm sorry you're an alcoholic and you keep blacking out, but when I say 'Watch out I'm going to throw a snowball at your face,' it's your responsibility to duck."

Overheard by Kelsey.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


We're back from break party people. Let me see what you got. You know the address. Make us happy. Ugh Ugh. . . yeah. . .