Friday, April 27, 2007

Semi-Charmed Kind of Lyfe

So how was the concert guys? Did you rock out hard like 1997? Did you throw your hands in the air when they hit those first monstrous chords for "Losing a Whole Year"? I would have gone to see Third Eye Blind but the paper to which I have been made slave wouldn't let me. Ah well, they lost a good bit of spark after Kevin Cadogan.

Kudos again to BC simultaneous forward looking yet regressive choice for spring concert. Who's next? Dishwalla?

Anyway, here's this weeks update.

- The Ear

Who are these girls? Where do they come from? And why do I not know any of them?

Dorky Dude: "Yeah man, the girls at this school are so horny, that at orientation they should be given a super fan shirt and a double headed dildo!"
Dorkier Dude: "Yeah man! Then at basketball games they can wave the dildos!!!"

Overheard by Ryan in McElroy

I always took Jesus to be an Ann Landers kind of guy.

Girl in bed to my left: Did you listen to anything I said last night ? It was some pretty insightful stuff. I figured you out.
Me: No, I didn't.
Girl on couch to my right: You should have... it was like Jesus coming down and giving some Ask Libby advice.

Overheard by Ryan on a pullout couch (Let's all take a moment to congratulate Ryan on presumably getting some. - The Ear)

Akon ain't gonna be doing much of anything if this gets out.

Pale Midwestern Girl: So are you going to the spring concert tonight?
Loud Latina Girl: No, I don’t know who that shit is. They should have had Akon.
Pale Midwestern Girl: Yeah, Econ would have been better.
(Long Pause, Latina stares open-mouthed at Midwestern)
Loud Latina Girl: Did you just say “Econ?”
Pale Midwestern Girl: Um, no. I said “Akon.”
Loud Latina Girl: Oh. I was about to throw up.

Overheard by Sleepy Freshman Girl in Fulton Hall

Well thank goodness. Will we be taking the Leer jet to Provence this weekend?

Girl 1: Do you see me wearing your dress? I got kicked out of the club tonight.
Girl 2: Oh my god, that sucks.
Girl 1: Yeah, but I took the limo back, so there was no drama.

Overheard by Andrew on College Road.

OK that does it for this week folks. Be sure to check in next Friday and be sure to submit!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Big Update

A big update today. Thanks to everyone whose become our virtual friend on Facebook (We virtually <3 you!) and who have submitted in the past couple of days. Keep 'em coming!

On a more random note, who is this year's commencement speaker?

I mean, I'm sure he's qualified, but seriously, why don't I give a speech? I have some interesting ideas and parting words for this years class. Ok, I'm rambling.

I mean, Iraq really isn't a war, c'mon...

Girl #1: I don't understand why Liberals have such a problem with "Dub-ya"
Girl #2: Oh, I know. It's not like he's some Hitler or something.
Girl #1: Yeah, they act as if he started some huge war.
Girl #2: Seriously.

- Overheard by Meagan, Hillside

Well, I can still go to Newbury Street, right?

Girl to a group of her friends waiting for her just outside BCPD: So
girlies, I guess I'm like, going to prison.

The emphysema is pretty sweet too.

Two kids smoking on the patio under 90 being much too cool for school:
Guy 1: Dude, everything here sucks.
Guy 2: Yeah. [long, thoughtful pause] Except for smoking.

Overheard by Liz, BCPD & 90.

There's a Biggie track where he addresses this very issue.

Nerdy Freshman boy: I don't think gangsters have causes...

Overheard by J&S, the Quad.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


At BC, this is actually a legitimate complaint.

Black Girl on Cellphone: Damn, Shantel. I am tired of all these white people!

Sometimes I have to question whether honesty is always the best policy.

Scrubby Looking Guy Talking on the Phone: Yeah, feel free to call me later, since I'm just going to be sexually frustrated tonight.

Both Overheard by Bryant, Lower.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Overheard at BC on Facebook? OH YEAH.

We have created a Facebook group. It is entitled Overheard at BC. You can search for it by typing those very words (your choice on capitalization) into the "Group Search" function on Facebook. Simply put, this will hopefully raise our collective profile (yours and mine, of course) and enable more people to contribute and enjoy Overheard at BC. This group is the perfect life-decision for those of you who feel power in numbers, even if they're virtual.

Yours in Christ,
The Ear

Thursday, April 12, 2007

God...don't you know anything?!?

BC Girl: So then I had to drop off my laundry, oh and then I had to like go to the jewelers to get my Tiffany Bracelet fixed (holds up Tiffany bracelet).
Long Suffering Guy Friend: Is that a dog collar or something?
BC Girl: ... Fuck you.

Overheard by Rita, Lower Dining Hall.