Wednesday, February 21, 2007

These kids are deep like a kiddie pool at the community center.

Dude 1: Yeah man, I used to be a non-conformist, but then I just realized that by being a non-conformist, I was just being a conformist.
Dude 2: Yeah, it's like man, trying to be a non-conformist is like trying to be an anarchist.
Dude 1: Yeah man, it's like the only thing you can be is alive... [dramatic pause] or dead...

Overheard by Rita, McElroy stairs.


Yeah, well, we'll see who's laughing in the afterlife. Asshole.

Guy: The highlight of my day was seeing all those assholes walking around with shit on their faces.

Overheard by Jeff, 90.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Whatever it is they're bootlegging, chances are it will still taste better than Rubinoff.

Girl #1: Well, we could start making it in our room...
Girl #2: Yeah ... but we'd have to be careful, because that's, like ... bootlegging.

Overheard by Caitlin, Dustbowl

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

A quick shout out to the Ear over at Overheard at Cornell. For the 2.3 people currently reading this blog, please make sure you go over and show them some support. They gave us a really nice shout out, and frankly they didn't need to and they are kind of a big deals who get submissions like every other day. Also, they provide empirical proof that just because you're an Ive Leaguer doesn't mean shit.

Any way, one update today, but a pretty good one.

I wonder if this girl realizes this statement is like ten MTV shows rolled into one sentence.

[Girl on phone] "Yeah I'm fighting with him, he won't go car shopping with me."

- Overheard by Steve, Walshe 8th Floor Elevator Bank