Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The End is Near... Nah I'm Just Playin' BC

A bit of a slow start here at Overheard at BC. I sincerely doubt you all got the gift of eloquence for Christmas this year and stopped saying funny crap folks, so send in stuff. Do I need to remind you about the puppy?

Proceeds would go to the Arrupe trip to Honduras.

guy 1: dude, sometimes i just wish i could go to the top of the crane
guy 2: yeah
guy 1: it would be the best view of this place
guy 2: they should, like, raffle off one bungee jump from the top of the crane
guy 1: that would be awesome

overheard by Lauren, the Quad

This person's mom is actually a twelve year old boy. Funny how biology works sometimes.

Girl: Well, sometimes my mom farts in my face.

Overheard by Nick, McElroy

I mean, this is just commonsense!

Boy to very intoxicated girl: "Look, I'm sorry you're an alcoholic and you keep blacking out, but when I say 'Watch out I'm going to throw a snowball at your face,' it's your responsibility to duck."

Overheard by Kelsey.

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