Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post Jesus Day Pick Me Up

Normally we don't go to print over the holidays, but in a rare show of Christmas spirit, I've decided to do the world a freakin' favor and post a few items that were sent to me in the last few days. Consider this the Overheard equivalent of when your uncle Morty forgets to get you presents for the 25th, and then crappy Marshall's red tag sale items start showing up under your tree on the 27th.

Seriously, how dare these people try to teach their children another language!?

girl #1: Uggh I have so much work plus i have to babysit and I hate this family. They actually make me talk in Spanish to the kid and read him, like, books in Spanish.
girl #2: Wow that sounds awful!
girl #1: I know, I can't understand it. They're not at all Hispanic! Not one bit!

- Overheard by Tom in McElroy

Africa bracelet or no Africa bracelet, this is still annoying as hell when people do it.

girl #1: So I got in here the other day and some girl took the elevator from the third floor to the fifth.
girl #2: Eww! Did you yell at her? Who was this?
girl #1: I don't know. Some bitch with one of those Africa bracelets on.
girl #2: Oh so she's a self-righteous bitch.

Overheard by Tom, Rubenstein Elevator

I believe Cleopatra is mentioned quite frequently in the Book of Judges.

Girl: And you know what else? Jesus wasn't actually blonde. He was just portrayed that way.
Guy: Yeah, actually, in Harlem, Jesus is African.
Girl: Yeah, and Biblical figures like Cleopatra are clearly black even though they are portrayed as white.

Overheard by Stephanie in the Rat

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