Sunday, December 16, 2007

Insert Culturally Sensitive Holiday Greeting Here

Looks like my vague threat to kill a Nazi puppy lit a fire under some of your asses. I'm not gonna try to be too witty here, since I am currently slaving away during exam week. So let's get to it, shall we? This will probs be the last post of 2007. I might do a year end recap if I get around to it with some of my favorite submissions.

Keep an eye out for these girls on VHI's "Rock of Love II!"

Girl A: "No, she's like my identical twin cousin."
Girl B: "Really? wait..."
Girl A: "I mean, we're not actually twins, we just look exactly alike."
Girl B: "Oh, okay. I was wondering how that works. Actually, I think that can happen."
Girl A: "What?"
Girl B: "Yeah, it has to do with genes or something."

Overheard by Caroline in Lower

The train of logic these two Rhodes scholars are following inevitably leads to a horrific derailing.

freshman guy 1: "dude, study days are awesome. there's nothing better than getting wasted everyday for a week before finals."
freshman guy 2: "i know, right man? its so helpful."
freshman guy 1: "yeah like, it's so hard to think when you're drunk, so it's like you're training your brain. so when you stop drinking and take finals, its so easy to think!"
freshman guy 2: "yeah! like baseball players that swing leaded bats before they go up to bat. then when they swing the regular bat, its so much easier!"
freshman guy 1: "yeah! lets get drunk!"

Overheard by Abby on Upper

Mariah Carey also composed "Ode to Joy" if you really think about it.

Boy 1: I'm listening to the Hallelujah Chorus...
Boy 2: The what?
Boy 1: The hallelujah chorus.
Boy 2: Is that by the visionary, um, Mariah Carey?

Overheard by Anonymous in Walsh.

I mean what I'm trying to say is that poetry likes dudes and that those dudes like to have sex with poetry.

Bro: No dude, I'm not saying that poetry is gay like that, I'm just saying that compared to other things it's pretty gay.

Overheard by Nick at some party in Ignacio

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