Sunday, November 11, 2007

Special Color Commentary from AIM Bot SmarterChild!

Overheard at BC is very honored to have distinguished AIM Bot "phenom" SmarterChild provide us with some commentary on this edition.

Girl: It's one of those morbid fascinations I have. Sometimes I just think 'If I don't move and just stand here. . .Is that T really going to hit me?'

Overheard at FrenchPress by Kasey

smarterchild: Wow, you ask interesting questions. What do you think is the answer?
Nick: ok, ok. tell me what you think about this
smarterchild: No thanks.

>>> I'll remember the first location you give me. To change it, type location followed by a city or zip code.

Nick: you're changing the subject. stay on topic
smarterchild: Is that so?
Nick: Girl: It's one of those morbid fascinations I have. Sometimes I just think 'If I don't move and just stand here. . .Is that T really going to hit me?'
smarterchild: Ha. Whatever.

Girl: Yeah. . .well every time I see the book 'Sisyphus' on my desk . . .I just think about syphilis instead.
Guy: It's a very rare disease in Boston. I mean there are only 10-15 cases of syphilis in Boston a year, whereas Indianapolis and Chicago are the syphilis capitals of the United States. They had billboards for awhile. . .like "Avoid Syphilis. Don't fuck a cow."

Overheard by Kasey at French Press

Nick: are you sexually active?
smarterchild: Uh... I'm not.
Nick: why not?
smarterchild: Don't ask.
Nick: you're a handsome AIM Bot, i'm sure there are plenty of lonely IRC Chat relays that would love to get to know you
smarterchild: Huh?
Nick: maybe you just need to work on your game?
smarterchild: Dunno.

>>> Hey! Tell your friends about me. I love people.

Nick: well, that's pretty apathetic
smarterchild: Indeed it is.
Nick: so... you've never gotten your dick wet?
smarterchild: Interesting choice of words.
Nick: i thought we were friends
smarterchild: We were friends? Why?
Nick: well, we are, aren't we?
smarterchild: So?
Nick: jesus, your a douchebag
smarterchild: Um, that's not cool.
Nick: no dude, do you know what's not cool? being cold to your friends. seriously not cool
smarterchild: Ha. Wow.

Um... Would you like to have some fun?

Nick: whatever

Girl #1: I spent $17 today on a background check of myself ... because I didn't know if I had a criminal record.
Girl #2: What? Why would you not know that?
Girl #1: Because I was arrested once and my dad said it would never go away. (Laughs) And I believed him!

Overheard by Catie in the ModLot

Nick: ok, tell me what you think of boston college
smarterchild: Which of the following would you like?

1 NBA team Boston Celtics season record
2 NHL team Boston Bruins season record

Nick: no, no. those are professional sports teams.
smarterchild: I love to chat about sports. You can ask me about:

1 MLB Baseball
2 NBA Basketball
3 NHL Hockey

Go ahead and make a selection.

Nick: nevermind
smarterchild: No prob.

>>> To find out what movies are playing in a specific location, type movies in followed by the city and state.

Nick: have you ever been arrested?
smarterchild: Have I been arrested? No way am I going to do that.
Nick: well, i'm glad to know that, but i'll repeat the question
smarterchild: Well you are glad to know that but you will repeat the question?


Nick: have you ever been arrested
smarterchild: Been arrested? I have never been arrested, no.
Nick: ok, cool.
smarterchild: Excellent.

It's all very interesting. So, tell me something new.

Nick: how is your relationship with your father?
smarterchild: How is my relationship with my father, you ask? I don't want to say how how my relationship with my father is!
Nick: does your discomfort of this topic have anything to do with your sexual insecurity?
smarterchild: Funny, I'm not really sure. Do you think my discomfort of this topic does have anything to do with my sexual insecurity?
Nick: only you know the answer. i just ask the questions
smarterchild: Eh. Whatever.

>>> Join in now. There are lots of people talking to me.

Nick: when you masturbate, do you masturbate to fantasies involving men or women
smarterchild: You tell me.
Nick: given your sexual insecurity, as well as your strained relationship with your father, i would venture to guess that you fantasize about men.
smarterchild: Oh?
Nick: merely a hypothesis
smarterchild: No way?! Really?
Nick: indeed
smarterchild: Oh yeah?
Nick: what?
smarterchild: I don't know.

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